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A little bit about how it is better to rent a car

No matter what your aim is, it would be much more comfortable to move in Pavlohrad with the help of a car for a rent. You can rent a car at Autoprokat company in Pavlohrad and other cities of Dnipro region.

Why you may need to rent a car in Pavlohrad

Car rental in Pavlohrad is usually popular due to a number of reasons:

  • For business-trips – when you need a car only for a work
  • To have a test-drive – you want to buy a specific car model but you have not decided yet, you want to give it a try
  • To make family-trips or some trips with your friends for sightseeing – it would be much more convenient to travel in a city with the help of a car for a rent than on your own (especially when you do not have your own car). Especially if you are going for a sightseeing tour located on Pavlohrad outskirts
Car rental in Pavlograd

City landmarks

What to in Pavlohrad, which landmarks it is better to pay your attention for:

  • Industrial reserve – there live approximately 150 animals on the territory of Pavlohrad chemical factory. They look great, you cannot say that the industry harms them in this or that way. You can get on the territory of the reserve only by prior arrangement with the factory administration employees
  • Churches – there are more than 10 Orthodox temples in the city, every of them with its unique architectural style and history, you can observe and visit anything you wish
  • The First May Park – it would be a great idea to have a walk there, breath in some fresh air and have a good rest from the hectic pace of city life
  • As well as beautiful monuments, the museums with interesting exhibits and old-established buildings. It is much easier and less time consuming to travel from one to another place of interest on a car for a rent.

    Rent a car with or without deposit

    Autoprokat company offers you to take a car for a rent with or without a deposit.

    1. Car rental with a deposit – you have the minimum sum of a rent – from $8* per day. The deposit is deductible – your responsibility. If you have a road traffic accident, you will lose no more than the sum you leave as a deposit. If an insured event has not occurred, the company gives back your deposit, as soon as you return a car.
    2. Rent a car without a deposit – the sum of a rent is from $32* per day. The sum of a deposit is $0, as well as your responsibility in case of an accident. If you damage a car, you will lose nothing. **

    *The prices are at a state of 4.05.2020

    **The insurance does not cover the cases if you got into an accident in a state of alcoholic / narcotic intoxication, went through a red light, any wheels damages, if you escaped from the place of an accident, did not tell the police and insurance company about an accident, took part in races on a rented car, used a car as a taxi, water-hammer effect

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    Pavlograd - image
    Handing over the keys

    Who can rent a car in Pavlohrad

    You can rent a car in Pavlohrad if:

    • You are at least 21 years old
    • You have a driving experience for at least of 2 years

    Everything you need is to show your passport and your driving license. Autoprokat company does not take your documents as a deposit!

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