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Peculiarities of car rental in Obukhiv

Obukhiv is a city in Kyiv region where you can rent a car from Autoprokat company.

Cars Pickup Point

The most popular place of receiving cars is Obukhiv bus station but you can order an address delivery and we will deliver the car to the address you mentioned. You need to pay for the car delivery from Kyiv to Obukhiv $50. It is possible to rent a car in Obukhiv at least for 7 days.

Territory for the Trips

You rent a car in Obukhiv, the whole territory of Ukraine is available for your trips with an exception of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Autonomic Republic of Crimea. Unfortunately, there are such requirement from the insurance company that is why, it is impossible to drive there.

Insurance policy

Car Booking

You can book any available car if you follow the link https://autoprokat.net.ua/en/kiev.html. However, you need to take into account that the car booking can be made only for a car class and transmission. So, if you booked Skoda Fabia, our company has a right to give you the car of the same economy class and with the same manual transmission, for example, Renault Logan.

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Taking / returning a car in non-working hours

The working hours of Autoprokat company are from 9 am till 8 pm. If you want to get / return a car at other time, you will have to pay no more than $20. Order car delivery / return in non-working hours, we are available for you 24/7, without any weekends!

Round-the-clock operation

Mileage restrictions

You may have some mileage restrictions, it depends on the tariff plan you choose. This does no mean, that you must stop when you reach such a number of kilometers. You will just have to pay some extra money when you return a car.

  • Economy tariff – 50 km/day
  • Standard tariff – 200 km/day
  • All-inclusive tariff – unlimited mileage

The mileage is counted in total for the whole period of car rental. For example, you rented a car for 10 days with an economy tariff. This means that you have 500 kilometers that are already included into the cost of the car rental for the whole period of your rent. We do not care whether you drive these 500 kilometers during one day, or during all 10 days.

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