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New trick from frauds

The sly tricks of the fraudsters become more and more sophisticated. In this article, we will tell you how the tire blowout can lead to the sad consequences – theft in particular.

Property damage

Your tire may be punctured by the wire. Usually in this situation, the fraudsters try to make the hole in the tire in to the air leave the tire as soon as possible and the appeared to be unable to move.

Also, if the fraudsters have seen that you are in the car all alone – you are in a risk group. They do not risk robbing the group of people.

A spare wheel

What can the driver do in this situation? Take a spare wheel and make a change. In this case, the fraudsters start to play their game. They park close to you and offer their help. As soon, as you agree, they try to do everything by themselves and you have to do only the last thing - to tighten the screws as well as you can while the savers leave you.

Finding out

Just at this time your bag, a purse, a mobile phone may be stolen when you are bus with something else.

What to do

If you see that your tire was punctured with the wire, that the car cannot move, just close the doors and do not pay attention to any good-wishers, just call an evacuator. The fraudsters will easily leave you alone if you do not make a contact with them.

Flat tire
Tire service
Spare tire

Pay more attention when you are on the road and do not listen to any fraudsters.

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