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Is it worth to pay for violation of road traffic rules fine?

We are dispelling the myths that you are not obliged to pay a fine for traffic rules violation.

When you just get a fine

As soon as you got a fine for overspeeding, talking on a mobile phone and other road traffic rules violation, you will have 10 days to interpose an appeal about your fine: you will have 10 days to interpose an appeal and 15 days to pay for it.

It is worth mentioning that the consequences that are written below may concern even those, who drive the car without passing a property.

The consequences of non-payment

If you ignore such a fine, you will have much more expenses than the payment for road traffic rules violation. In this case, your fine will get to the Enforcement Service. And you will have to pay two sums of money: your double non-paid fine and also the expenses of recovery of penalty in a compulsory way.

This is not everything you will have to face. The state enforcement officer can come to your home at every moment for property description and arrest your property. He can even arrest some sum of your salary or forbid you to travel abroad.

If there was an arrest on your car, it may be send to the car pound. And only when you pay the fine with your own money, you will be able to return the car. There will be such expenses as car evacuation, its being on the car pound and for closing the executive case.

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Trying to move abroad

Just try to make a trip into another country, having a non-paid fine. Nobody will just let you to move abroad. And nobody will ever think about compensating you the expanses, the money you have spent trying to cross the border.


It will be much simpler and cheaper to pay for the fine than attempting to solve abovementioned problems that will appear if you not pay for a fine.

So, if your fine is not interposed to appeal, do not wait 15 days but pay the fine in time.

This information is provided by the lawyers of the car rental company in Kyiv "AutoRent"

Изменения полиса страхования
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