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Car rental in Ukraine
12 357 people come to Ukraine daily, some of them on business trip, others – to have a rest or visit their friends / relatives. There is a huge amount of business centers, regions and quarters in Ukraine, to reach your destination with clear shoes and not wrinkled clothes is possible only if you rent a car at Autoarenda company in Kiev, or other cities, as well as get to the places of interest, visit Khortytsia, Askolod`s grave in Kyiv or the Embankment in Yalta. Besides, there is a great number of museums in Kyiv, there are constant trade fairs and exhibitions.
We recommend you to plan very good your future trip and you will get the best comfort and confidence on the territory of Ukraine.

What you need to take a car for a rent in Ukraine

You can order a car on our website - it is very simple – car booking consists of just 3 steps:
- Filling in your contact, passport data, the place of receiving / returning the car, as well as the rental dates.
- Filling in your driver`s license data and the numbers from a picture
- Click on the button “Send your order”.
We guarantee you the lowest costs on car rental in Ukraine. Of course, if you order a car for your visit to Ukraine in summer in advance (in the hottest season), you do not need to worry anymore about your transport issues – they have been already solved.
In Ukraine you must show your international driver`s license, leave the deposit and pay for car rental when you receive a rented car.  
We work only fast and our service is of a good quality – on favorable and comfortable conditions.

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