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Influence of the sun of the car

Moving from one conditioner to another in the hot summer – from home / to work on the car, we can protect ourselves from the hot summer sunshine. OK, we have protected ourselves but what about the car? How will it be damaged by ultraviolet?

Rapid temperature change

What are we doing in summer when we just sit in the car? Of course, we turn on a conditioner on the full. We feel great, but the car doesn`t: because of severe temperature changes the glass can break easily.

The dye discolors unevenly

Yes, the ultraviolet can make the dye much more pale but there is one peculiarity – it dyes unevenly. Such thing can happen if the dirt, bird droppings and other things stick to the paint film. There is only one way out – put a car into the car cleaner more often.

Keeping a constant eye on the engine thermal detecting unit

You must not overheat the engine thermal detecting unit. If you noticed that its temperature is more than the norm, immediately turn off your car engine. It would be great if you get ready for this beforehand and make a supply of antifreeze.

Резкие перепады температур
Выгорание краски на авто
Датчик температуры двигателя

How to protect the saloon

Sunrays, especially ultraviolent will make some damage to the covering in your saloon, making it unpresentable. What to do in summer with your car to make it being in a good state?Try to use beam deflectors. Their action is quite effective and your car will be looking as it was just finished by the manufacturer.

Brakes overheating

It is not difficult to overheat the brakes in summer time. But the consequences may be just awful – the brakes can lose its effectiveness and on the of the descends just stop working.

Светоотражатель для авто
Перегрев тормозов

What do we have in total?

This sounds not difficult, doesn`t it? However, even experienced drivers may not know these simple rules. And many of them just skip them, hoping that “there will be nothing serious if I do not follow the piece of advice once. But if you follow abovementioned recommendations, then:

  • - Your car will work for much longer time;
  • - You will spend less money on keeping car well in hand;
  • - It will have much presentable look.

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