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Clothes and foot wear for driving

When it is summer and it is hot, everybody keeps moving from one conditioner to another and wears the light clothes. However, if you still did not know, some of summer clothes may provoke road-traffic accident. Which type of clothes is so dangerous for the drivers, we will consider further.


The experts called the tie one of the most dangerous piece of clothes for driving. There were some cases when the tie was wound up on the wheel that promises nothing good not only to the driver but also for other participants of the road-traffic accident. You cannot refuse from wearing a tie as you have strict dress code at work? Then be careful and do not let it to provoke an accident. (Not a summer piece of clothes but also very dangerous is a woman scarf that may create the same problem.

Tank top

The shoulders are free and the body breathes. What is the trick? The fact is that you can burn your shoulders on the hot from summer sun sitting, and because of a sudden pain turn the wheel on the left / right and you will be on the opposite side of the road.


Slippers are the most comfortable piece of footwear in summer – your feet are not hot and they are almost free. This carries some risk, as you will need to tidy them up in the most unsuitable moment. Put on the shoes that are comfortable for driving before you start your trip.


Though every woman that drives that it is not comfortable for pushing a pedal wearing high heels, they go on and do it. In such a way, they create a high risk of the road traffic accident.

A piece of advice: if you prefer wearing high heels to flat shoes or put on another type of footwear or do not drive a car at all. Because not only you can suffer but also some other people, who do not even know about your preference concerning the shoes.

Костюм, почему галстук опасен для водителя
в шлёпках за рулём? на сколько опасно
на каблуках за рулём

Do not put on any uncomfortable piece of clothes while driving. They distract you from the road. If you think that you are such an experienced driver and can fully concentrate on the road and nothing can distract you, then carry on at least about the lives of other traffic movement participants if you do not take into account your own one.

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