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Electric cars become popular in Great Britain

Electric cars – are not slowly and confidently conquering the world. What is going on? How the people are stimulated to buy electric cars, no matter that their costs are much higher than in cars that use petrol or diesel?

Great Britain goes on actively transfer the locals on the electric cars usage. The government declares that due to a new bill in favor of electric cars, they must be bought earlier than in this very moment.

A new bill

According to a new bill, every new house that is built at this very moment will be equipped with a special wall-box-charger for electric cars.

There is one more incentive for those who live in Great Britain. Till 2040 there will be a bill that prohibits selling the cars that are functioning on the petrol or diesel.

Charging an electric car at home


Buying an electric car

According to the statistics, there were sold much more electric cars in 2017 than in 2016 in great Britain, being more precise – on 77% percent more. As you can see, the citizens aim to make the ecological situation of their country better, and the government puts no barriers on their way.

Increasing the number of electric car sales


The benefits of electric cars

It should be mentioned the benefits of electric cars in order to find out why they are so popular.

  1. They do not harm the ecology. The abovementioned factor is one of the main benefits of electric cars. Not using the petrol or diesel, the electric cars do not emit any harmful substances into the environment. Thereafter, it is not harm the ecology comparing to the cars on petrol / diesel.
  2. They are cheap. Not taking into account the cost of an electric cars, it is cheap in using than the ordinary cars. You do not spend money on the petrol – you save a big sum of money.
  3. They are quiet. Electric cars do not make any noise and nobody is nervous with “horrible sounds” that make the cars when their engine is working.


That is why, there is no surprise that the electric cars are so popular on the roads of Great Britain.

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