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« “Auto Arenda” considers one of the competitive services of car rental in Ukraine for a good reason.

In the conditions of an excess demand on the services of car rental in Ukraine and tough competitive environment, the company is steadily holding a mark of a cheap but of a high quality and extensive car rental.

Why you take a car for a rent in «“Auto Arenda”»

The fleet with more than 200 cars classes and for every budget, lets make to the clients of autoprokat.net.ua site the best and the most beneficial offers for booking and car rental and a reasonable complex of additional services and transfer lets hold leading positions among Ukrainian car rental companies.

Аренда авто в Киеве

No matter you book a car in advance or in the last minute of your arriving to the airport of Ukraine, you can be sure that you will not have to wait for a long time, our managers in the short terms give you a car which you have chosen or in the class you need, created a contract and get you to a place you need.

Prices on a car rental in Ukraine

Comparison of offers for a car rental – may be the only way to choose the best conditions.

The cost for a rent, mark, service, class, availability – these are one of the most important factors that lets you make a choice for this or that company. But the search for an ideal car rental may be a long and time-consuming challenge because you cannot be sure for the first time whether the car is available and how much the cost of car rental will cost, and in order to find out all of these you need to spend a lot of time and nerves.

That is why on “Auto Arenda” website there is a fleet with already calculated prices and a useful calculator for counting in order for you to make in a couple if clicks the whole sum for a definite car rental period and book a car immediately.

Аренда авто в Украине

The prices are shown from the cheapest from 7 dollars per a day of car rental (on condition of taking a car for a rent from 30 days) to the most expensive - from 1 day.

More details

Cars are represented in 5 classes:

  • Budget (budget) – from 7 dollars
  • Medium (medium) – from 9 dollars
  • Comfort (comfort) – from 9 dollars
  • Business (business) – Business – from 15 dollars
  • SUV (SUV) – from 45 dollars

You can choose the most economy one for the trips in the city or more spacious for a whole family.

In which city is it better to take a car for a rent?

There are some offices in the biggest cities of Ukraine that lets you take a car for a rent in Kyiv, and return it I Lviv, not even paying extra kopiyka.

The offices and services of «“Auto Arenda” company:» :

Прокат авто

  • Car rental in Kyiv - car delivery at «oryspil» и «Zhulyany airport», railway, stations, in the city and the region.
  • Car rental in Odesa book a car online and enjoy the beauty of resort town.
  • Car rental in Dnipro - order a transfer or a car with a driver
  • Car rental in Zaporizhzhya - travel in the city and in the region on the comfortable and not expensive cars from «Auto Arenda»
  • Car rental in Lviv – book a SUV for the whole family or for a tour trip, to your services is available a navigator, children seats, chains for the wheels (for a winter period) and funny anecdotes from a manager.
  • Car rental in Kharkiv – take a car for a rent with a zero deductible or without a deposit, get an additional insurance and, of course, an anecdote from a manager =)

Autoprokat.net.ua – car rental for everybody

Besides anecdotes, managers of the company have wide knowledge in the sphere of a car rental and will be able to give you a professional consultation for car rental in Ukraine questions.

Technical support works 24/7 that lets you quickly and on an operational basis to react on any difficulties that may appear while driving a car.

Here as everywhere in order to take a car for a rent exists certain conditions, with which you can get acquainted in full detail HERE

Book quickly and take a car easily wherever you are in Ukraine. Make working and business trips, fascinating tour trips at the most beautiful places and hire a professional driver with a company. «Auto Arenda».

Great and safe trips!!!

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