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Car rental for a long period

Car rental has long earned the love of drivers for its affordability and versatility. You can rent a car for any event and trip, and the managers will select a model according to your requirements and budget. As a rule, you may need a car for a business trip, for a weekend vacation, or for convenient movement around a big city, for example, Kyiv, Kharkov or Dnipro. But what to do if you want to rent a car for a long period? For this case there is a long-term lease. What is needed to rent a car for a long term, which cars are worth to choose and what is the advantage of such a hire, we will tell you later in the article.

Long term car rental

You will be offered a large selection of cars of different classes with «Auto Arenda» company. The fleet contains only from the new models and popular car brands based on frequent user requests and current trends.

Here are some of the popular models that you can rent for long term use:

  • Skoda Fabia;
  • Ravon R2;
  • Ford Focus;
  • Volkswagen Jetta;
  • Hyundai Accent;
  • Mazda 3;
  • Toyota Camry;
  • Volkswagen Polo Sedan;
  • Mitsubishi ASX;
  • Toyota Land Cruiser;
  • Volkswagen Tiguan and others.

Contact the operator and he/she will help you find the right car for your dates.

What are the maximum hire periods for a car?

Price table for long-term car rental by class

Car class Rental period Price with deposit Price without deposit
Economy From 30 days From 13 $ 36 $
Medium From 30 days From 14 $ 40 $
Comfort From 30 days From 15 $ 44 $
Business From 30 days From 17 $ 48 $
SUV From 30 days From 21 $ 60 $
Cabriolet From 30 days From 35 $ 100 $
Minivan From 30 days From 21 $ 60 $

If you need to rent a car for a long time, we will definitely provide you with the best option for the period that you need. Our regular customers often hire a car for several months, or even half a year, for convenient transportation. Therefore, the maximum rental period is not set, take the car for as long as you need.

How to choose the right car for a long-term rental?

It all depends on the purpose of using the car and your preferences.

For convenient movement around the city, as a comfortable transport for every day, use the cars of the middle or comfort class. The ideal ratio of low price and good quality.

If the budget is limited, but you want to get around by car, then choose economy class cars. Here you will find small cars at the most affordable prices.

If you have a business trip or need a car for work meetings, then you should choose a business class car or the SUV. The cars in this segment will show that you are a business person with impeccable taste. In addition to their status, these cars are distinguished by increased comfort and many pleasant additions, such as leather interior, panoramic roof, which will make your trip as pleasant as possible.

For a large family trip or traveling with a company, a minivan is suitable, which can comfortably accommodate up to 7 people in the cabin. This means that you can save a lot by renting just one instead of two cars.

If you are looking for a car to travel around the country, or, for example, want to go on vacation to a seaside or forest area, then it is better to select cars with a spacious trunk and high ground clearance. With such a car, you can take a company with you and feel confident on unfamiliar roads.

What are the advantages of long term rental?

The biggest advantage is the price. The lowest rates apply for car rental from 30 days - from 13 USD a day.

Another important "plus" is the fact that you do not need to get used to and adapt to different cars. You can choose the most comfortable model for yourself and after a few days you will know all its advantages and features. Traveling in a car you use you feel driving as you use your own car.

Of course, if you want to try out several cars, you can easily replace the car with another model or even a class.

In addition, there is a convenient extension of the long-term lease in case you decide to rent the car for a longer period of time.

We also often provide discounts for regular customers and pleasant bonuses for long-term rental. Therefore, when ordering a car from us, you always get more than just a means of transportation.

And yet, a long-term rental, like a regular one, is, first of all, your comfort and convenience of movement. With a car, you become a mobile, independent driver. Your trips will become much more enjoyable, and things will go faster, because you have more time with the car than usual. Spending time on a trip, you will no longer get tired, because you have chosen a comfortable transport for yourself, which will now become your assistant and reliable companion on the road.

What do you need for a long-term car rental?

It's very simple, the conditions for a long-term rental are the same as for a regular car rental. Both citizens of Ukraine and foreign guests can rent a car, the driver must be at least 22 years old, and the driving experience must be at least 2 years. If you decide to take a business class car or an SUV, then the required age will be 25 years and above, and the driving experience will be from 5 years.

You can order a car in a convenient way for you:

- by phone: +38(096) 777-89-89.

- by sending an order to order@autoprokat.net.ua.

- by filling out an application on the website.

Don't waste your time, order the best car for your trips right now!

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