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Car rental with a driver

You may be surprised to find that car rentals are also used by people who do not drive cars. Unbelievable? Everything is very simple. You can rent a car with the service of professional driver who will take you along any route. The rental service with a driver is preferred mainly because of its comfort and safety. The professional driver will accompany you while you relax in the back seat, work or simply enjoy the views from the car window. Prepare for a business meeting or negotiate in your car, relax between destinations, or explore the city from your car window while your driver accompanies you along the way.

Why can you rent a car with a driver service?

For business meetings and business events. Between meetings, you can prepare or relax, take time to work. There are not any transport management needed.

You can also rent a car for a conference, seminar or even for a wedding. We will select a car that is appropriate for your event, and the driver will save you time.

Transfer, meeting at the airport. Book a transfer from the airport in advance so that you can go about your business immediately upon arrival, without wasting time looking for a taxi or bus on the desired route.

For organizing excursions or city trips. Gather a company and go to the sights of the city, and the driver will tell you which routes are better to choose. For large companies we can offer spacious minivans.

For comfortable movement if you do not have a driver's license. It is not necessary to use public transport, even if you do not yet have a driver's license.

Build your route in the planned places and move with pleasure in the back seat of a comfortable car with a driver.

Advantages of car rental with a driver

More possibilities

Free time to solve your tasks. During the trip, you do not need to focus on the road and follow the route, you can use this time to your advantage: relax, prepare for a meeting, call colleagues, and whatever.

Saving time

If you are planning to visit several places, the driver will select the best route for you, allowing you to get to the right place without fuss and traffic jams. You will have time to do more without wasting your nerves.

Easy for hire

Order a driver's service for a convenient time and choose the best time for yourself. You can also pay for the service in a convenient way for you: in cash or using a payment card.

Savings compared to taxi

It may seem that this service is no different from a taxi, but if you have several meetings scheduled for the day, a taxi will cost much more than renting your own car with a crew. In addition, this will eliminate the high probability of being late for a meeting, ordering and waiting for a taxi service car each time.

Prices for car hire with a driver

In order to quote you a price for this service, please provide us with the following information:

  1. What class of car do you need?
  2. What is the period of your trip?
  3. What is the place of a trip: city, city and intercity, only intercity?
  4. What is the planned schedule of stops, travel time?
  5. Is there an overnight stay, that is, will you have a long stop or would you like to move around at night and during the day?

We need this information in order to offer you the best price. After all, we need to understand how many drivers are needed, depending on the schedule, and the costs associated with staff travel if the trip is intercity. We provide maximum safety and comfort, therefore we cannot allow a tired driver to drive a car that will transport you or your guests.

When calculating the cost of renting a car, we will take into account:

  1. Car rental cost
  2. The cost of the driver's work
  3. Fuel costs
  4. Travel and daily expenses of the driver

You will receive a single price including all taxes and fees.

Where is the service of a car with a driver available?

We are ready to provide you a car with a professional driver in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. If you need a car in another city, do not rush to get upset, it is likely that we can help you and deliver the car to the desired city. Contact the operator to clarify the possibility of delivery to the location you are interested in.

How to book a car rental with a driver?

You can order the service in the most convenient way for you:

- By phone. The operator in the telephone mode will help you find the right car and book the driver's service at the right time. Order numbers: +38 (096) 777-89-89.

- In messengers. Uncomfortable to speak? Then write to Viber, Whats app, Telegram messengers at the phone number +38 (096) 777-89-89.

- In the chat site. You can book a car and additional services directly on the site by writing to the chat.

- In the office of the company. Come to our office, we will select the best rental option for you with a cup of coffee or tea.

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