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All service vehicles are insured and have 2 insurances:

  • CASCO - car insurance
  • TPL - liability insurance

According to the terms and conditions of most car rental companies, in case of damage to the car, the client pays the amount of deductible, as a rule, it is equal to the amount of deposit (mortage) for the car. That is, in case of an accident or other damage to the car, the client is liable in the amount of the deposit.

The client's wish is the law

A client always wants to get a car with full insurance, i.e. "you paid and you don't worry". This is a standard wish and almost all companies in the world support it. Our company is not an exception.

But, insurance for car rental companies is a very expensive pleasure, because, a priori, car rental is one of the most risky businesses, there are many different drivers and frequent movements, that is why insurance companies are very high in their rates for car rental. Nevertheless, car rental companies are looking for ways to provide their customers with better service. Therefore, an option such as "full coverage insurance with zero deductible" is what is offered to customers. 

If you want to reduce your liability (deductible), our company, offers these options.

Reduce the amount of liability

There are several options that AutoArenda offers to its customers, namely:

  1. standard terms - standard deductible with an increased deposit
  2. improved conditions - more services are provided, but the amount of deposit and deductible are reduced.
  3. super conditions - franchise and deposit are equal to 0.

In order to choose the conditions for car rental, just select any of the tariffs:

  • first (left) - standard
  • second (in the middle) - improved
  • third (left) - super
Ravon R2 with tariffs

Super insurance conditions

  1. The “improved insurance” is available for rentals from 1 day, but the “Super insurance” is available for rentals from 5 days.
  2. To get insurance it is enough just to choose a tariff on the website and click the button "book".
  3. There are no additional requirements for the driver to obtain any type of insurance.

Additional insurance conditions do not apply:

  1. the intentional damage to the car
  2. the damage to the car has been caused by transferring driving rights to persons not included in the contract.
  3. the damage to the car has been caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs or under the influence of medical preparations that slow down reaction time (there are contraindications for driving).
  4. the hydro damage - water ingress into the engine due to overcoming water obstacles, including rivers, lakes, reservoirs, large puddles, etc.
  5. the tire cut or puncture
  6. theft of tires and rims without stealing the car
  7. theft of the car as a result of the driver voluntarily giving the keys and documents of the car to third parties
  8. theft of windshield wipers or decorative elements of the body or interior of the car
  9. the damage to the car interior
  10. an accident caused by participation of the car in competitions, use of the car on roads without hard surface
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