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Every car may be taken for a rent by citizen of Ukraine and by a foreigner. Taking a car for a rent you have to be no less than 22 years old and your driving experience – no less than 2 years – for every car. For the cars of business class and jeeps there is a higher limit: 25 years old and driving experience no less than 5 years.

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Tax payer number – for citizens of Ukraine

Deposit in a monetary form is left for a car, when you return the car, the deposit is also returned to the client in the full amount.

Deposit can be blocked on the bankcard if a term for a rent is no more than 15 days, if a term of a rent is more than 15 days, the deposit will be written off from the bankcard and when the car will be returned, it will also be turned. Take into account that we return you a deposit right after you return the car but the crediting of the money on your bankcard can be from 10 to 30 days that depends on the conditions of the bank.

All the payments including a deposit are made in a national currency of Ukraine, the prices on the website in different currencies are shown to make a user more comfortable. The payment is done according to a course in “PrivatBank” on the day when the service is paid.

The car rental is done for one day on the conditions of 100% of prepayment, that is why you can rent a car for ten days – the payment is done for 10 days in advance. The payment can be divided if you pay for a year rent period and half-year rent period.

The tariff for a rent depends on the term of the rent and the payment, it means that the more the term of rent the cheaper the price for a car. The cost depends from the payment, you cannot get a monthly tariff when you pay for a rent for 1-3 days, in this case the payment counting from the monthly tariff 1-3 days.

For example, the monthly tariff of car rental consists of 200 hryvnias / day and a tariff for 1 day – 400 hryvnias. When using the car for a month for a monthly tariff and the next desire is to prolong car rental fro a day – the tariff will cost 400 hryvnias per a day. For paying for a tariff for 200 hryvnias / day you need to make 100% prepayment for a month in advance.

In order to pay you can use cash money, credit and debit cards of payment systems Visa and Mastercard, cashless payments are also available as well as payment of electronic money and with the help of your bankcard through the website. The payment with the help of any card is possible at any place: office, railway station, airport.

The payment must be made with the card of the Lessee but not with the help of the card of the third parties. Pay attention that a terminal may ask your PIN code, if you do not know or forget it, the payment will not be made.

While paying through a website you`d better pay with the card of the Lessee as in case of the usage of the bankcards of third parties, including your husband`s / wife`s, relatives, such a payment may be blocked by our bank and hold till 1 year because of financial monitoring. In such a case the payment will not be counted as payment for a rent.

All the payments on the website are intended not only for the car rental services. Deposit is a guarantee sum, please, do not pay it through a website. If you have made such a payment on your own, the money may be returned minus the commission sum (close to 2,5% - make some specifications).

We have no restrictions and we can give you the documents about payment and get it from the legal body

It is now acceptable to leave a deposit or payment in another currency but hryvnia. If you want to change the currency, use your bankcard, money there are converted automatically.

We have a single tax with a rate of 5% and have a right to work with physical and legal bodies on any form of tax assessment.

Car booking is done according to a class of a car. The exception is for only special offers that are provided in tariff plans when a specific car is offered.

In order to book a car:

  1. Use our website, click«Order»
  2. Call us at (+38) 096-777-89-89
  3. Write us or call us on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +38-096-777-89-89
  4. Cal us and write in Skype
  5. Write us in a chat
  6. Write on our e-mail order@autoprokat.net.ua

The booking is free but you can be sked about a prepayment from 20 to 100% that depends from the tariff plan you have chosen and whether there is a free car in a specific region.

You can annul any booking in 48 hours before the start of a car rental. Every tariff plan provides an availability of the return or none-return of the money paid while booking.

In order to annul booking you can:

  1. Write us on an e-mail order@autoprokat.net.ua
  2. Call us on (+38) 096-777-89-89
  3. Write or call us on Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram +38-096-777-89-89
  4. The return of the money on the bankcard (if a booking was paid through a website) and it is made from 10-30 days. The money that are not returned and are paid by you only is:
  5. Bank commissions for the return, crediting money (even that has been done on a booking stage).
  6. Foreign exchange difference when you were paying, returning the money
  7. Taxes that were paid in your country for the making or returning payments (if they exist in your country)

If you pay with a help of bankcard on the site or with the help of terminal in our office, we pay the commission instead of you, the sum while paying with the bankcard though the site may be a little bit different that depends of exchange differences and automatic conversion of your bankcard into the currency of crediting money.

While returning of the monetary funds if such a return is possible according to your tariff plan, the commission paid by you will be deducted from you that means that you get the money except for a primary commission and commission of money return. Commission of money crediting money is no more than 2,5% from a sum.

We offer you 3 tariff plans. What they include you can see on a car card, pointing to a tariff, as well as read it here.

  • Deposit (insurance deductible) high, from 375 dollars
  • Limit of kilometers – 50 km/day
  • The cost of surpassing a tariff – high, from 2 dollars/km
  • Fuel politics: empty-empty
  • Getting and returning a car without any surcharge from Monday till Friday from 9am till 7pm, in any other time there is an extra charge
  • Prepayment at the booking stage – 100%
  • Booking annulment – in any time with a fine of 100% payment
  • Prescheduled return of the car – without any money return
  • Age of a driver – from 25 years
  • Driving experience – from 5 years
  • Booking in a class
  • Washing a car before its return – do not included
  • Deposit (insurance deductible), medium from 250 dollars
  • Limit of kilometers – 200 km/day
  • The cost of surpassing a limit – medium, from 1 dollars/km
  • Fuel politics: return the car with the exact quantity you have got
  • Getting and returning a car without any surcharge from Monday till Friday from pam till 7pm, in any other time there is an extra charge
  • Prepayment at the booking stage – minimum 20%
  • Booking annulment – at any time with a fine of 20% from the cost
  • Prescheduled return of the car – a return with a recounting of a tariff and minus 30%
  • Age of a driver – from 23 years
  • Driving experience – from 3 years
  • Booking in the class
  • Washing a car before its return – do not included
All inclusive:
  • Deposit (insurance deductible) without a deposit, 0 deductible
  • Limit of kilometers – without a limit
  • The cost of surpassing of a limit: full-full
  • Getting and returning of a car 24/7
  • Prepayment at the booking stage – minimum 20%
  • Booking annulment – to 48 hours of return of a car without a fine, when there are less hours till the start of the car rental – a fine of 20% from a sum of your order
  • Prescheduled return of the car – a return with a recounting of a tariff and minus 30%
  • Age of a driver – from 23 years
  • Driving experience – from 3 years
  • Booking in the class on a specific car
  • Washing a car before its return – included
  • Cars

Most of our cars are new. Any car is used in the car rental 2-3 years or 100 000 km that depends what will happen first. You do not need to worry about a technical condition of a car, all the cars has scheduled and unscheduled technical service. We do not offer cars that needed to be returned in 20-30 minutes after the start of a rent, our task is to provide you with a well-deserved movement for the period of car rental on the whole territory of Ukraine.

There are tires on the cars according to a season. Nobody get you at a risk and does not make you drive on a summer tires in winter, and in summer – on a winter one. The tires wears out and are changed on a car when they achieve definite limits according to the Rules of traffic movement of Ukraine. The tires on the car may be changed on a prescheduled term in case of unavailability of normal use of a car that is caused by the tires cord.

We offer you a complete complex of services, you can get the car 24/7 at any point in Ukraine. Auto Arenda delivers you a car as well as can get it back in an airport, railway station. In order to use a night delivery or return of a car, make an application in working hours from 8am till 7pm daily.

For this service may be collected a payment or not collected that depends from a tariff offer.

Our offices are opened daily from 9am till 8pm, except for Saturday and Sunday. Some of our offices works 24/7. Despite the mentioned working hours – we will give / get back your car in not working hours or on weekends and holiday. For the services in nighttime make an application beforehand.

In different tariffs is provided different limit of kilometers: economy – 50 km/day, standard – 200km/day, all inclusive – without a limit. The kilometers are counted summarily that is if you took a car for 10 days, the permitted limit of kilometers for which you do not need to pay extra money is 2000 km for the whole period. It does not matter for us whether you drive these kilometers in one day or 200 km daily.

In the cost of car rental is included:

  1. A vehicle.
  2. Technical service for the period of car rental.
  3. Third party liability insurance (the fully comprehensive insurance is paid additionally)
  4. Another car in case of a damage
  5. All the taxes and charges
  6. Tires according to a season
  7. The cost of seasonally changed tires.
  8. Other services according to your tariff plan.

The third party liability insurance and the fully comprehensive insurance are included in the cost of car rental. According to your tariff the insurance may be with a deductible or without. .

Deductible is a sum that is not paid by the insurance company when there is an insured event. For example, the deductible (deposit is 600 dollars) and a sum of damage is 1000 dollars. The insurance company will pay only 400 dollars, 600 dollars will be charged from you.

In the tariff ‘all inclusive” we offer 0 deductible and deposit, that means that when there is an accident, just call a police and at our company and you will not lose any money.

The cases when the cover does not work:

  • A loss of keys and documents of the car
  • A loss of number plates on a car
  • Car damages without telling the police and making a test on alcohol, drugs
  • Alcohol or drugs discovered in your blood when you got into road traffic accident
  • The car control transfer to the bodies that are not written in the car rental contract
  • Poisons transmission, flammable cargo
  • Taking part in races being on a rented car
  • Using a car as a taxi
  • Hydro blow – driving into the ponds and engine sticking as a case
  • Vehicle loading on the ramp extension, vehicle carrier
  • Hiding from a scene of accident
  1. Do not hide from a scene of an accident
  2. Cal us and a police
  3. Take photos and write down
  4. Mark, model and number of another car
  5. The number of third party liability policy, its period of validity from another participant of accident
  6. Name and surname of the second party of an accident, everybody who got hurt and their mobile phone numbers
  7. Wait till the police come and register an accident
  8. Give all the documents to our representative.
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