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Car rental services for companies and legal entities

Service "Auto Arenda" provides car rental services for corporate clients.

If employees of your company often travel on business trips or use taxi services to get around, it is worth considering the option of renting a car for companies and corporate clients. This type of lease is not only convenient for you and your subordinates, but also allows you to save on logistics: you do not need to buy and maintain a car, keep a driver in the staff; there are no worries about repair and maintenance, about the place of storage of the car. However, at the same time, you always have reliable and comfortable transport for any task. In addition, we can provide a car rental for corporate trips in Kiev and all over Ukraine.

When it is better to book a car for corporate use?

Below are the main examples when it will be profitable to rent a car for a company:

  • If you often go to business meetings, conferences, but do not have a corporate car. Then we will be happy to select for you a status car of comfort or business class and you will feel confident.
  • If the company have several employees who regularly use taxis for business trips.
  • For meeting your partners and delegations from airports and train stations.
  • For corporate travel and business trips, as well as excursions and exhibitions. For small groups we can provide spacious minivan cars.
  • Instead of a full-time corporate car. You do not need to worry about the maintenance and storage of vehicles, as well as enter the position of the driver.
  • For prompt delivery of correspondence and other tasks.

Why do companies order a car from us for business?

The company "Auto Arenda" has been on the rental market for many years and has established itself as a reliable and loyal partner in the field of car rental. We guarantee the quality of cars and service, follow the new products and constantly replenish the car fleet. With us you will get more than just a car for business, namely:

Best Service

We are as loyal to clients and companies as possible.

Variety of car models

Only popular and fresh offers, as well as constant favorites of our customers.

Unlimited rental periods

You can rent a car for any required rental period, from 1 day to long-term cooperation on favorable terms.

No problems with payment

Pay for car rental services for a company by bank transfer.

Individual approach and additional services

If you need driver services, car branding with corporate stickers or have any other wishes, we are ready to consider proposals and do our best to satisfy all your requirements.

Discounts and hot offers

We are always ready to offer the best prices for regular customers and long-term rentals.

What do you need for a corporate car rental?

The requirements are the same as for a standard car rental: the age of all drivers who will drive the сar must be at least 21 years old, and the driving experience must be at least 2 years. This applies to rental of all car classes except business class and SUV. For this category, the minimum age must be at least 25 years old and the minimum driving experience must be at least 5 years.

How to choose a car?

  • First, decide on the goal of your trip
  • For business meetings and business trips, it is better to choose business class cars or SUVs.
  • For city trips of your employees, which do not imply long journeys, both the middle class and the comfort class are suitable.
  • For budget travel at the best price, you should choose an economy сlass car.

How to book a car rental for a company?

To order a car for your company, contact the manager by phone +38(096)777-89-89, or write to e-mail: order@autoprokat.net.ua. Our experts will be happy to help you with the choice of a car, based on your preferences.

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