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Skoda Fabia Wagon for rent in Ukraine
Skoda Fabia Wagon
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Days USD / day
1-7 21
8-14 18
15-29 15
30+ 14
Deposit 375
Days USD / day
1-7 30
8-14 25
15-29 22
30+ 20
Deposit 250
All inclusive
Days USD / day
5-7 60
8-14 50
15-29 44
30+ 40
Deposit 0

Additional information

A leader of car rental is a five door universal Skoda Fabia Wagon. It is popular because its popularity because of a spacious trunk of a volume of 426 liters where you can easily put 4 big briefcases. Skoda Fabia Wagon is equipped with an engine capacity of 1,4 liters with a manual gearbox. It builds up a speed to 100 kilometers/ hour in 12,3 seconds and the gearing are flipped accurately and easily. The fuel consumption in the city is 8 liters per 100 kilometers and in the country is 4,7 liters. A big list of options such as conditioner, electric power steering, power windows, electric adjustment of the rear view mirrors with a heating up and many other things will help you while you are driving. Book a car for a rent in advance and get a guaranteed low cost on the car Skoda Fabia Wagon. Also our company provides transfer services , car rental with or without a driver.

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Большим плюсом лично для меня является старая добрая механическая коробка передач, я не привык доверять автоматике, а на механике нормальные средненькие машины сейчас не легко найти.


I was sure that I would like this car. It appeared that the car was a miracle that helped me, when I was on a trip and another car rental company had let me down. Skoda Fabia Wagon is pretty fast and have lots of additional options. Don`t know how I had lived without them using Skoda Fabia of economy class in my country. I can really advise you to rent the car at Autoarenda company, as they surely give you a safe car for your trips.


Тест-драйв автомобиля прошел успешно. Все написанное соответствует реальным техническим характеристикам. А кондиционер в холодное время года здорово согревает. Удачи всем, кто решил прокатиться на Шкоде)))
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