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How to save money on renting a car: tips and lifehacks

Renting a car in Ukraine is a convenient service that allows you to solve tasks related to travel, business trips or temporary lack of your own transportation. However, the prices for car rental, especially luxury and executive cars, can be significant. So how to save money on car rental without sacrificing comfort and safety?

In this article we have collected useful information from our numerous clients.

Recommendations from our customers

Choosing the class of car

Refuse from excesses: Instead of renting a VIP or executive car (luxury cars), consider more affordable options, such as a mid-range sedan.

Take a hatchback. With the same capacity, hatchbacks can cost a little less than a sedan.

If you only need a car to get around, choose a budget option (economy car).

Choose less popular models

If there is no need to rent a sports car of a famous brand or a bigfoot car, it is better to choose a car of a less popular brand, and discreet color. Such rent is usually cheaper.

Engine volume

If you want to save money, you can choose a car with a small engine capacity, and lower fuel consumption, which will allow you not to spend much on gasoline.

Early booking

If you've planned your car rental in advance, it's best to book your car a few weeks or months before your trip, because booking early often allows you to save money and get a discount.

Long-term rentals

As the saying goes: it's cheaper in bulk. The longer the rental period, the lower the daily rate.

For long term rentals, unlimited mileage is often offered. On our website, unlimited mileage and no deposit are available in the "All Inclusive" tariff.

Comparison of offers

Use aggregator sites where you can compare offers from different companies. They often make special offers for customers, as well as hold various promotions and discounts.

Refuse additional services

Many rental companies offer to purchase additional services for rental equipment: it can be GPS-navigators, child seats or something else. You can refuse such offers if you need to make an additional payment or if you can use your own things. For example, a navigator can easily be replaced by a smartphone.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

  • Make sure that the rental price includes insurance.

  • Pay attention to mileage restrictions.

  • Discuss the amount of the deposit, and the conditions of its non-return.

  • Explore if there are penalties if the reservation is canceled, and the instances in which they apply.

  • Find out if there is an additional charge for picking up the car after hours or on weekends.

Avoid peak season

Rental prices tend to be higher during peak season (summer months, vacation periods, and vacations), so if possible, plan your trip for a less popular time.

Pay online

Some companies offer discounts for online payment, and so it also saves time when picking up the car.

Opting out of tuning

Expensive tuned rental cars can cost a tidy sum. Try to opt for standard models that have not been through a tuning studio.

4 tips and tricks

  1. Don't hesitate to politely ask for a discount, especially on a long rental.

  2. Participate in company bonus programs to get discounts or extra services.

  3. If friends have a car rental company, inquire about the possibility of getting a discount.

  4. Look for discount promo codes on company websites and aggregators.

Remember: saving money on car rental does not mean giving up comfort and safety. Utilize our tips and lifehacks to choose a car that fits your needs and budget.

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