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How to prepare a car for winter, and how is it done at Auto Arenda?Winter is ahead, so car enthusiasts should already think about preparing their car for trips in harsh winter conditions. Autumn, before the onset of cold weather, is the best period for a comprehensive check of the entire vehicle. Indeed, at subzero temperatures, all the mechanisms of the car experience additional loads, and repair operations can be very difficult to prevent at the street conditions. Considering that winter trips require special care and preparation from the driver, the car must be 100% ready for any situation that may arise on the road during the cold season. Today we will figure out how to prepare a car for the cold weather? What you should to do? Аnd what secrets are used by the specialists of car rental in Kyiv "Auto Arenda"?

Changing tires

First, it is necessary to replace summer tires with winter ones. It is recommended to do this when the average daily temperature outside drops below -5 degrees. Some car enthusiasts neglect the rule of replacing seasonal tires in order to save money, not suspecting that they can pay much more in the event of an accident. The specialists of the car rental company "Auto Arenda" explained why it is not worth saving on the replacement of tires: “Winter tires differ from summer ones in their structure, they are specially designed for low temperatures and copes well with ice and snow, providing reliable grip on these surfaces. As for summer tires, it is designed for high temperatures, and in cold weather it simply dulls, which can lead to skids and loss of control on the road. " Therefore, the company strictly monitors that the tires on all cars are replaced on time and are always in season. If you have a private car, do not forget to sign up for a tire fitting in advance, because with the first snow, the excitement for changing wheels will only increase and you can wait for your turn to change shoes for a week, or even two.


Make sure your wiper blades are in good shape to ensure good visibility in bad weather. We recommend that you also check their condition after the winter period, since very often, due to aggressive components that are used for road processing, rubber can wear out faster. preparing the car for winter

Car body preparation

Do not forget about the treatment of the body with anti-corrosion agents to prevent the appearance of micro cracks and corrosion. The underbody and its additional protection are especially in need of protection and treatment. Remember that even in winter you need to wash your car to ensure the durability of the metal parts.

Car battery check

In order not to get stuck "in the field" with a discharged battery, it is necessary to diagnose it in advance and, if necessary, charge it, because batteries do not like low temperatures.

Preparation of door locks

To prevent the door seal from freezing to the body and not deteriorating in severe frosts, you should pre-treat it with a special antifreeze or silicone spray. The locks of the doors and trunk can be treated with a water-repellent agent so that the mechanisms do not freeze at sub-zero temperatures. A trifle at first glance that can save you a lot of time in the morning.

Checking liquids

In addition to replacing ordinary glass fluid with frost-resistant "anti-freeze", it is necessary to check other fluids, which should also not freeze at subzero temperatures. It is worth checking the engine oil, transmission oil, and cooling system fluid. Experts recommend using synthetic oils in winter.

Checking the brake system

Before the onset of cold weather, be sure to check the brake pads. If the pads need to be replaced, check the cylinders at the same time, they may also need to be replaced. As you can see, preparing a car for the cold season requires a lot of time and effort, so you need to start it in advance. The company "Auto Arenda" always takes a responsible attitude to the condition of cars, and the complex preparation of each car begins with the arrival of autumn. Thus, by the onset of cold weather, the entire fleet is ready to meet the winter, and the likelihood that severe weather will catch you by surprise on a car of this service is extremely small.

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