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Renting a car to travel abroad

Traveling outside Ukraine by rented car - is it possible in Ukraine in 2024?

Those who have used rental services in the European Union know that there are no borders between countries, and you can drive all over Europe.

Is it possible to drive a rented car in the European Union?

This is the main question that clients of rental services ask oftenly. In most cases, a customer can rent a car in one of the EU countries, and drive it around the European Union. For example, if you have rented a car in Germany and would like to drive it to the Netherlands, you can do it if:

  • you have informed the car rental company in advance (when booking);
  • you have taken out additional insurance for the whole of Europe with the car rental company;
  • you meet all the conditions for the possibility of renting a car.

What about Ukrainian market?

In Ukraine there are also a number of companies that provide a car with the ability to travel outside the country, even under martial law, and on which you can travel throughout the EU. If you have not found such information in the company, you can request such information at the car rental counter or from the operator by phone.

What is necessary to have to rent a car in Ukraine for traveling abroad?

  • to inform the car rental company about this service;
  • to buy (or the company will provide) European insurance, "green card", for the whole period of the trip;
  • to obtain all the necessary documents for the car to travel abroad;
  • to specify contacts for communication with the company in case of incidents abroad.

What is necessary when renting a car for traveling abroad?

  1. If the company provides a car registered to a physical person (it happens) - take care of the presence of a notarized liability in your name from this physical person, with the right to cross the border. This power of attorney may not be necessary, but at some borders you may face the problem of exit.
  2. If the rented vehicle is registered to a legal entity - a power of attorney made in a simple form or a written authorization certified by the company seal and the signature of the director to take the car outside of Ukraine.
  3. Check the dates of insurance "green card", it is necessary to have it for the whole period of the trip.

Expired green card

If during your trip you will be returning to Ukraine with expired green card insurance, then, crossing the border (for example, with Poland), you can get a fine of 1000 euros. Therefore, check the expiration date.

Fines for violating traffic rules abroad

If during the period of using your car abroad you were charged a fine from speed cameras or for parking, these fines will be sent to Ukraine by mail to the owner of the car (to the car rental company). The company can pay them (by asking you to pay), or send a letter to change the culprit. If you don't pay the fines, the non-payment information will go into the databases and you may be restricted from entering the EU.

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