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What is better: your own car or a rented one

Before buying a car, stop to think: do you really need it so much as you can imagine?

  • - Much part of its life the car will spend on a parking lot, for which you will have to pay, or in a garage. In any case, it will be still and lose in its initial price.
  • - Buying a car is a very expensive thing and unlikely it will earn its keep, comparing to the car rental.
  • - The tires according to the season, technical service, etc. – may cost you not so much more, but in total you will get a big sum of money.

Now we will compare the price with AutoArenda company

Paying for the car rental cost, you will get:

  • - A car for a rent from $15 dollars per day;
  • - Insurance cover for a car – there are third party liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance if you get into a road traffic accident;
  • - 50 kilometers /day are included into the sum of the car rental period;
  • - The tires according to a season and weather conditions;
  • - All the duties and fees.

The abovementioned services that are included into car rental was for economy tariff. If you order a tariff “All inclusive” for a car rental period, then much more services will be included offered to you:

  • - A car for a rent from $44 per day;
  • - You will get an unlimited mileage;
  • - The car will be received and given back outside of office without an additional fee;
  • - You do not need to wash a car before returning it, the company employees will do this;
  • - You will have a zero franchise in case if you get into a road traffic accident.

It means that you will pay only for the car rental period and the fuel, the company pays for everything else.


If you need a car for a constant use and you will spend a lot of time driving, then, buying a car may seem a good idea. But if you understand that you will not use it quite often, it would be better for to rent a car on the period you need.

Choose a car from our fleet and rent it.

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