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Dnipro best pubs

Dnipro Best Pubs with the Description

Are you going to drink a little bit after the work? Or you are looking for a place to spend the evening of the weekend? We have prepared a list of the best pubs of Dnipro city, Ukraine. Every pub is unique and serves the drinks of a good quality. Choose any one of them and enjoy a good evening in a fine company.


According to a Dnipro legend, earlier there was a building at this very place where Makhno and his soldiers spent time. The atmosphere of freedom, revolution and anarchy ruled there.

Is this true? The history keeps silence. Nowadays at Makhnopab are regularly held parties and concerts. A local celebrity Serhiy Zhadan (from Kharkiv) had a rest here. Apart from alcohol, hot appetizers and cold dishes are served at Makhnopab.

Address: Magdeburgske Pravo Street, 4a



According to its name, the pub is famous for at its alcohol drinks – beer. You can be offered Czech, Belgian, Irish and German types of beer. By the way, the waitstaff wears Belgian uniform. Is this a coincidence?

It is also worth paying attention to the appetizers and order some of them.

There are many feedbacks about the pub, mostly positive about waitstaff. Spend an evening to check if they are true and to which degree.

Address: Sichovy Striltsi Street, 1a



Firstly, we would like to mention that it is not just a pub, it also works as a restaurant. The visitors order hot and cold meals. If you do not eat meat, you can order a vegetarian meal at Banka-pub.

This is an Irish pub, the interior is made in the European style.

Alcohol assortment: the most frequently ordered drinks are beer, wine or whisky.

Address: Ivan Akinfiev Street, 5


MOLOKO (milk)

This is a pub for young people, one of the rooms is decorated in “Star Wars” style.

The most popular types of beer that visitors order here are Belgian, Mexican, German and Irish. Alcohol cocktails are also referred to as ones of the best among other Dnipro pubs,

However, the unique characteristic of the pub lies is the delicious burgers and different appetizers.

Address: Korolenko Street, 3


Hirchytsia (mustard)

The main aim of those who came here not just have a couple of drinks, eat pizza or any other hot meal. Hirchytsia is a karaoke-pub, there are lots of different instrumental version of your favorite songs that you can sing with your friends.

You can taste plenty of alcohol cocktails and pizzas while listening to your favorite songs – you will never forget this evening (in a good sense).

Address: Dmytro Yavornytsky Avenue, 3


Have a good time!

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